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FIREWALL, Access POINT, Internet/Advertise BLOCKER, Surveillance CAMERA



Based on Netfilter. User can block IP ranges allocated to countries, and located on .


User can block/unblock websites. Useful to restrict access to some sites especially for child protection. List of advertise sites available, and user has the option to block all of them or to upload customized lists.


The device can be used as an Access Point for all devices located in house (every IOT Wifi controlled device as lightbulbs, laptops, printers, sensors etc). It can be connected to an Internet router (via ETH), or to a Smartphone (Android or IOS) which has been configured as a Mobile Hotspot (-> no landline needed for Internet access-> mobility, and no long term contracts involved). Also can offer another layer of security on top of Internet provider security.


Optionally a Camera can be installed and the entire module inserted into a camera housing. The camera would be accessible from Internet, and the pictures or movies are available only to the user, based on his personal defined access. No third parties involved.


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